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Texas State Data Center

The Texas State Data Center is an official liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau and data source for the Office of the State Demographer. The Texas State Data Center, in cooperation with a network of affiliates, functions as a focal point for the distribution of Census information for the state of Texas. The TxSDC disseminates population estimates and projections for Texas, as well as other information from the federal and state government and other sources.

Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research

The Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research is part of the College of Public Policy at the University of Texas at San Antonio. IDSER is a comprehensive institute for the examination of the determinants and consequences of demographic change. It is comprised of three components: 1) a major center for policy and business research, 2) the Texas State Data Center, and 3) the Office of the State Demographer.

American Community Survey

The American Community Survey (ACS) is part of the Decennial Census Program. The ACS is a nationwide, continuous survey designed to provide communities with reliable intercensal data on demographic, housing, socioeconomic, and financial characteristics of their populations.

Census 2010

The first round of data from the 2010 Census were released on December 21, 2010. The second round of data for the state of Texas was released on February 17, 2011. Use the interactive 2010 Census Data tool to see the latest updates.

American FactFinder

The American FactFinder is another great resource for demographic information. American FactFinder provides quick access to population data for cities/towns, counties, zip codes, states, and many other geographies, and includes multiple data sources. American FactFinder includes data from the 2010 Census, Census 2000, American Community Survey, the Economic Census, and Population Estimates.

U.S. Census Bureau

The Census is mandated in Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. The mandate requires the administration of a census of the population every 10 years. The Census was meant to be a tool to ensure that the U.S. House of Representatives provided equal representation to all persons. In addition to Congressional representation, Census data are also used to allocate federal grant funds to states and sometimes state funds to counties and places.

Census Bureau Denver Regional Office

The Census Bureau’s Denver Regional Office is responsible for all data collection, data dissemination, and geographic operations for Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

You may contact the Denver Regional Office at:
6950 W. Jefferson Avenue, Suite 250
Lakewood, CO 80235
(720) 962-3700 or 1-800-852-6159
FAX: (303) 969-6777
TDD: (303) 969-6767
E-mail: Denver.Regional.Office@census.gov

Texas Association of Regional Councils

The Texas Association of Regional Councils is made up of 24 Texas regional councils of government. The association supports the regional councils by helping to strengthen their service to their local government members, hosting forums for exchange of information and ideas, educating other government, public and private organizations, and the general public on the functions and services of the councils of government, and providing cohesive representation of the councils of government before the federal and state agencies and legislative bodies.


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